Multibagger Stocks: How To Become a Crorepati in 5 Years in India

multibagger stocks

Who wants to be a Crorepati? Well, everybody wants to be a millionaire in  India. All they need is an opportunity. Still if they get an opportunity there are various other reasons that stops them from becoming a Crorepati. These could be lack of financial knowledge, lack of money or fear of losing cash. Everybody struggle in their life in order to become a millionaire, but only few able to succeed. However, there is a way through which you can transform your fantasy of becoming millionaire into reality. The way is to invest in Multibagger stocks.

All you need to do is to show some interest in multibagger stocks and you will ultimately become a millionaire. Invest in multibagger stocks for few years and you will be surprised to see how much you have earned from it. Even if there is only one multibagger stock in your portfolio, it can make you very wealthy. We have seen that many people have earned extraordinary returns from the stock market such as Rakesh JhunJhunwala and Warren Buffett. All you need to do is identify good multibagger stocks and remain your investment there in for few years. However for a small investor like me and you becoming a millionaire from stock market is still a dream. The biggest reason which stops from us becoming a  millionaire is – how to identify the multibagger stock for investment?

We make an investment that is based on the advice of either our relatives or our friends. We consider them as the stock market experts and hence in the later stage we have to loose money. This is because we do not know when to enter and when to exit the market. What biggest mistake we do is, we invest in stock market on the basis of our emotions. For example if we see that stock market is going up, we start investing in it. Then after few months if the market get crashed we start panicking and draws our money out.

Well, people enter in the stock market with the dream of becoming crorepati. But when they face one to two downturns in their investing life, they quit the market saying that ‘stock market is not for them’.

The question is what is the solution for it? Here are the basic rules that you need to follow if you are an investor in stock market or thinking of investing in stock market.

  • Invest in those companies which are fundamentally strong.
  • Never invest in a stock based upon someone’s advice. Instead do a proper research.
  • Do not ever sell your stock when the market is down. However add stocks to your portfolio.
  • Try to hold your stock for more than 5 years or above.

Multiblogger Stocks – Become a Millionaire in 5 Years

Here are the multiblogger stocks that can make you a millionaire within 5 years –

1. Suyog Telematics

It is one of the fastest growing company from telecom space. If you have invested 4.72 lakh in it in 2014, you would have made 1 Crore in 3 years.

2. Kushal Tradelink

Another good multiblogger stock, which is the part of paper industry. There are many investors of Kushal Treadelink who have become millionaire in just 4 years. People who have invest 3 lakh is worth 1.02 Cr today.

3. Cupid

Anothe multiblogger stock which has resulted in converting investment of 3 lakh to 1.5 Cr within 5 years of time span.

4. SRG Housing Finance

It is the leader in the housing finance sector. Comparatively to other stocks its performance is not that much good. Investment of 7 lakhs, five years ago would have become 1 Crore today.

5. Bajaj Finance

It is a finance company. If you have invested capital of 5 lakh, five years back in Bajaj Finance, your investment worth today would be 1 crore.

Are you one of them who have invested money in the above stocks? Well, I am and I have also earned good returns.

Share your own strategy to invest in stock market with us. Share your comments in the box given belos.




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