4 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Car Insurance Cost Low

tips to keep your car insurance cost low

Every time whenever you pay for your car insurance, a thought came into our mind that how we can reduce the car insurance cost. This is a very common dilemma. Today I have come up with 4 amazing tips to keep your car insurance cost low. So, friends, it’s time to learn how to save some money in car insurance.

Tips To Keep Your Car Insurance Cost Low

When you buy a new car, according to law, it is mandatory to buy the insurance policy for your car. Most of the times, the car dealer who assist you in buying you a car also helps you out with the insurance policy and assures you to provide you with cheapest car insurance policy.

1. Compare Online

If you have bought a new car, then you have heard them saying “Sir, don’t worry about car insurance, I will provide the car insurance on discounted rate”. The end result it, you end up buying a wrong policy. And you realize this when you file claim for in case of an accident.

So, just stay away from such tricks and traps. Whenever you are thinking of buying a new car, you do a proper research on different models and brands of cars. But do you care to do same with the car insurance policy? No. In order to protect yourself from the trap of false and wrong policies. Compare policies online and you will be surprised to see that you not only get cheap policies but also provide complete coverage.

2. Switch to other Insurance

Do you know that you not only can switch your car insurance but also car insurance company. If you are forgoing your old car and buying a new car then why to continue with same insurance company. Just switch to other insurance provider where you are getting better deal. You can also transfer your No Claim Bonus to your new car insurance policy.

3. Think Thousand times before claiming

One of the most important tip to keep your Car Insurance cost low is think before filing for the claim. The most logical step is to file the claim if your insured car met with an accident and get damaged. But at the same time, keep No Claim Bonus also in your mind. Insured get No claim Bonus if they do not claim for full year. This will earn you big discount on premium. I will advice you to never file claim when the damage is small. Now it’s up to you whether you want small claim or No Claim bonus?

4. Keep your car safe

Well, yes we buy insurance to keep our car safe then you would be thinking why I am saying to you to keep your car safe. What I want to say that to be cautious with your car. There are anti theft devices available in the market that you can install in your car and protect your car on your own to some extent. The safer car means there will be less claims and hence you will get No claim bonus.

So, these were the tips to keep your car insurance cost low. Do apply these tips and you will be surprised to see how much money you saved from it.



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