car insurance claim rejection in India

Do you have employ a driver for your car? Then this article on to prevent car insurance claim rejection in Indian is must read for you. In India there are lots of people who have hired drivers for their cars. They look at the copy of the license of driver and hire him.  No further investigation regarding whether the license is genuine or fake is not made. You very well know that from the time you hire the driver, it becomes his responsibility to take care of your vehicle as well as you.

But what about if the copy of license is fake? There are hardly few people who does an in depth investigation over the issue. The fraud comes out only when by chance RTO catches the driver with vehicle. Now suppose, your driver is having a fake license and your car met with an accident. The insurance company will reject the claim instantly. Now you as the owner of the vehicle has to bear the expenses from your pocket. Even if you are having the best car insurance plan for yourself, you won’t be able to get any claim if the license is fake.

A Case related to Car Insurance Claim rejection in India

Sunil Arora is a small businessman in Nainital district of Bhimtal. He started his Taxi rental business with one Alto  car and insurance experience is learning for all. Being new to the business and less experience stuck him in an accidental car case which he could never forget.

He hired a young driver by just seeing the copy of his license without verifying it with the RTO office. He doesn’t know that the driver has cleverly produced a fake license which he fails to discover. One day the car met with an accident. He has taken car insurance policy from one of the reputed Insurance company. Mr Sunil files for the claim. He submit all the documents still the insurance company rejected the claim. He even ask insurance company for the reason but the company remains silent.

Now Mr. Sunil files the complain against the insurer in the district court. He attached all the documents plus also file the harassment case against the insurance company. Now the insurance company reply to him and said that the driver that you have hired was having a fake license. Investigations made and it was found that RTO had not issued any license to his driver. Court rejected Mr. Sunil complain and give decision in favor of Insurance company.river

How to ensure your Driver has genuine driving license?

In order to ensure that the driving license is genuine, you can verify it with RTO. Make an application under RTI Act. If you hire the driver without checking the genuineness of the license, it can end up in car insurance claim rejection.

The moral of the story is, be attentive and alert while hiring driver for your vehicle. Do not forget to making a proper investigation regarding driver license. Because your one negligence can lead to the car insurance claim rejection and burden on your pocket.

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