claim motor insurance policy

What Things To Be Done To Claim Motor Insurance Policy

The first thing you need to do to claim motor insurance policy that you need to do when you face an accident is to go for your medical check-up. Once you get the doctor approval, go to the police station and lodge FIR. If it is possible that you can take the photograph, then click the photos of the accidental spot as well as you car. To make your case stronger, also take the phone number and other details from eye witnesses. It is also important that eye witnesses talks in favor of you and say that the other driver was at fault.

When you went to the hospital collect all the important documents that would represent how much expenditure was incurred post-accident. No matter whether the insured person was injured or the third-party was injured during accident. Keep record of all the expenses so that you can claim the exact amount from the company.

What to Claim and What not:

In the second step you should ask yourself whether you want to file a claim or not. If the amount is big then obviously you should claim. But if the amount is  small just pay the expenses from your own pocket.

How To File a Claim?

In case the loss due to accident is huge then you should automatically apply without waiting. You should even approach your insurance company or your insurance agent and make them aware about the accident.

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1. When you injure yourself during accident

When you intimate the insurance company about your accident, the next thing that the company will do is they will assign a claim adjuster for your case.  The task of claim adjuster is to study the case completely and deeply. He will visit accident spot, meet eye-witnesses and will collect all the evidences. Lastly he will pay you the coverage amount on behalf of the insurance company. The amount that will be paid by the company will completely depend on the collision coverage.

2. When the other party at fault

You can file the claim when the other party was at the fault during the accident. The insurance company will investigate the case will try to analyze whether the party at fault was the main cause of the damage caused to your vehicle or you. If the insurance company will find him guilty then a settlement amount will be offered by the company.

3. When you are at fault

Here, also the entire process would be the same like after accident you will file for claim. The company will appoint an investigating officer and he will investigate the case. The only difference in this case is that earlier you had filed for the collision coverage but here you will file claim for liability coverage.

Several people commit a mistake when they feel that they have made claim and have received the claim amount so now their work is over. However this is completely a wrong notion. You also need to follow up your policy as well as the legal status of the claim.