quick car insurance renewal

Well, people anyhow take the car insurance policy but the main difficult task in front of them is Car Insurance Policy Renewal. However in reality, the renewal task is not that difficult that we think. Nowadays, there is online car insurance purchase and renewal facilities are available which not only provides you with Quick Car Insurance Renewal but also saves money.

Once you have purchased the car insurance policy, it is also important that you renew it from time to time. So, if you are looking for renewing your car insurance plan, here are the easy and quick car insurance renewal steps.

Tips for Easy and quick Car Insurance Renewal

Timely Renew Your Car Insurance Policy

Taking car insurance doesn’t mean your task is complete. It is also important that you do a timely renewal of the policy. So when the expiry of your insurance policy is coming close, just contact your insurer and fix a an appointment for surveying of your car. Once the survey completes, nest step is renewing the car insurance policy.

Generally, the insurance companies provides 90 days grace period after the expiry of the car insurance for the renewal. So till you don’t renew your car insurance, it is advisable that you do not drive the car until you don’t have the document with yourself.


Make sure that you should have all the documents related to your motor insurance policy including claim related documents should be with yourself. These documents are necessary as with the help of these documents, insurer comes to know about your claim history and assign No Claim Bonus on the basis of these documents only.

Do not ever give your car’s important documents such as Registration Certificate, Insurance documents and PUC to other individual. Keep them safe and secure.

Renew Policy Online

Nowadays, you can renew your car insurance policy online. This not only saves time but also eliminates the lengthy and complex paperwork. Just open the website of your insurer and go to the renewal page. Do keep all the necessary documents with you. Now start filling the necessary details in the blank fields provided.

Make sure that you fill all the details correctly such as car policy number, registration details and other related information. Before you press the button of ‘enter’ don’t forget to crosscheck all the information that you have provided once again. Once you submit the details, after a short period of time you will receive a quote from the insurer.

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Make Renewal Payment Online

There are half a dozen of payment modes available online. Renew your car policy online as well as make payments online by using debit card, credit card or Net Banking.

Renewing Policy Online with Different Insurer

If you want to renew a lapsed car insurance plan with a different insurer, you can also do this online. There are number of insurer’s who offers such type of renewals on the basis of your previous car insurance policy details.

Set Reminder

For timely renewal, it is very important that you should set reminder’s on insurer website to provide you with future renewal updates. In addition to this, there are insurance company apps available which also do the same task. For example, ICICI Lombard sends reminders on the policyholder registered email address about the future policy renewal updates.