Have you ever heard of DigiLocker? No, well, let me tell you it is very important to know about it. Because from now government will sent all your important documents like Aadhaar, LPG connection number, etc in this digital locker only. DigiLocker stands for digital locker. Digital Locker is an initiative by Government of India under Digital India Programme. The idea behind launching this platform is to minimize the usage of physical documents. As the title suggests, it has something to do with storing documents on an online locker.

Currently you would be managing all your documents physically. But if you will use Digital Locker then you wont have to take stress of storing all your documents in a file which can be lost or get stolen. However, this e-locker eliminates this issue. Best part is that all the documents saved in this e-locker are completely secure. One can save any document be it your mark-sheet, certificates, voter-id, Aadhaar card, driving license, passport or anything.

You will have to login into your digital locker with the login id and password. Since all the documents are stored in electronic form so you can excess them anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, all these digitally signed documents can be used or shared with govt organizations or other private entities.

What is DigiLocker?

It is an e-safe or electronic locker in which one can store all of their documents for free. If you want to take advantage of all the feature of this e-locker, it is must that you link it with Aadhaar.

Objectives of Digital Locker

  1. Empowering digital India by providing Digital Locker in which data can be stored on cloud.
  2. Minimize the usage of physical documents.
  3. Enable e-signing of the documents which are accessible anytime and anywhere.
  4. Improving the authenticity of the documents and reducing usage of fake documents.
  5. Easily accessible on web protal and mobile application for residents.
  6. To reduce administrative work load at Govt departments.
  7. Ensure privacy of stored documents and even ensures authorized access.

Features of DigiLocker

  1. e-Locker is linked with your Aadhaar card.
  2. Presently only 10MB of documents can be stored but later it will be increased to 1GB.
  3. Files will be uploaded in pdf, JPG, JPEG, png, bmp, and GIF types.
  4. Anytime and anywhere accessibility of your documents.
  5. eAadhaar Card can also be downloaded.
  6. Uploaded documents will be verified by the respective department. For example, PAN card will be verified by the Income Tax Department.

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How to Use DigiLocker?

For Residents

  1. One should have his/her Aadhaar Card to sign up in Digital Locker.
  2. It is really important to link your Aadhaar card with your mobile number for easy sign up.
  3. On the login page provide your Aadhaar number then you will receive OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter One Time Password on the desired field then e-KYC will be done with UIDAI.
  4. Once e-KYC will complete then individual can easily view all the URIs (Uniform Resource Indicator) of e-documents.
  5. Individuals can even share their documents with the requester’s by simply sharing the link of the e-document via email id.

For Issuers

  1. Issuer need to register on Digital Locker System in order to avail unique issuer ID.
  2. Once you have been issued with Issuer ID then issuer can easily upload all the documents in XML format. All the documents must be uploaded in designated repository using the repository service provider API.
  3. Each and every documents that will be uploaded in the repository will possess a unique URI. The URI will comprise of Issuer ID, document type and document ID.

For Requester’s

  1. Requester will firstly have to get registered with an access gateway of Digital Locker System.
  2. In order to retrieve the documents a requester will have to use document URI.

e-sign Service

This is pre-production phase which can be used for testing purpose only. However legal validity of the e-sign service is not assured during the initial phase i.e., testing phase.

How to Create Your Account in DigiLocker?

  • For creating your account in this e-locker, you have to visit Digital Locker website. Here you will be asked for your Aadhaar card number. After which you will be provided with One Time Password on your registered number. Enter the OTP on the required field then click on “Validate OTP” option.
  • Then you will see that a pop up window will open on your screen where you will asked for email id and password. Once you have filled all the three fields then click on “Submit” button.
  • Now you will be redirected to home page where you will see Certificate option. Click on “Certificate button” then you will see that there option of “Upload Documents”. There you will have to select the document and then upload it from your computer. Lastly click on the Description button.

If you have any concerns, then you can contact the support team via email-[email protected]