earn money from YouTube

Nisha Madhulika, a 57 year old woman from NCR is among those home makers who thought of doing something different in their life. She created a YouTube channel named Mallika’s Cookery in which she shared her cooking passion with the rest of the world. Do you guess how much she earned from her channel? Well, her potential income was reported about $5,02, 800. If we convert it in Indian rupees,then it is near about 3,21,79,200. Isn’t it amazing as well as inspiring. The woman converted her gas stove into a source of earning income. Well, you can also earn money from YouTube Channel.

Let me tell you that if you dream of becoming YouTube star overnight, then this will never happen. You have to work hard in order to earn money from YouTube. Another Indian YouTube celebrity Tanmay Bhat who is the owner of AIB company once was no one, but now has become popular all over the world due to his channel. His name was even in Forbes list of “The richest Indians”. The most shocking part was he was ahead of Shahrukh Khan and Rajnikanth in the list.

earn money online form youtube

Step by Step Guide to Earn Money From YouTube

1. Create Your YouTube Channel

Creating YouTube channel is one of the most simplest task. All you need to do is login YouTube with your Gmail Account. Once you get logged in, you will see red color ‘Home’ button. Below this button, there is option ‘My channel’. Click on it. A pop up window will show up. Give your channel a name and click on ‘Create Channel’ option.

But by simply doing this you would not be able to earn money online from YouTube. There are few more steps that you need to accomplish first to earn money.

To began your YouTube channel you will have to start with few basic steps:

  • Open www.youtube.com using your Gmail account.
  • Click on the bar on the left side of YouTube logo.


  • You will find My Channel option there just click on it.
  • Click on Step up my channel on YouTube will appear on your screen.
  • Now update all your personal information.

Now your YouTube channel is set. Start sharing whatever you want to share. Sync your work with your passion but it is also important to work in a niche sector. If you will start your work with niche sector then half of your work is already done. Then begin the promotion and presentation of your channel.

  • Find A Name

Give your YouTube channel a unique name which will define your channel.

  • Channel Description

You can then add your channel description from My Channel –> About –> Channel Description.

  • Research

You must do research work in order to create awesome content on YouTube.

2. Find Niche Area To Operate on YouTube

Select a niche YouTube channel to earn money from YouTube. It is very important to link your passion with your work on YouTube. When I say that you can earn money online from YouTube then let me tell you that I am very serious. Because people are earning lakhs of rupees online. A number of YouTube channel owners earns in millions and some of them have also become billionaire.

You can start channel with a niche area to operate on YouTube. It could be your own singing YouTube channel, cooking show, tech related videos, fitness videos etc. Do some research and find out a niche sector in which you can create your videos.

3. Develop Content Strategy for YouTube Videos

Create a content rich videos which will go viral. If you want to earn money from YouTube then you must make a video which have capability to go viral. There is no trick to make a video viral other than a content rich video. In case if you don’t know how to record a video then you can hire some professional video maker. But if you are creating videos on your own then you must keep certain points in mind:

  • Triggers

Whenever you watch any video what triggers you to open that video. Your videos must trigger and inspires others to open and watch your video. The videos must have awesome meta description, thumbnail and heading as it will trigger your audience to view your videos.

  • Emotions

It is very important to create emotional videos as any video having high emotional value are highly shareable. You must also kept in mind higher the share higher will be the views. The video you create for your YouTube channel must have emotions like excitement, anger, sad, happiness, love etc.

  • Public Authority

It is psychologically proven that if people watch something authority in video then they actually imitate it. Just like after the release of Ghajini movie people went crazy after Aamir Khan’s look. So if you are using both triggers and emotions rightly in your video then you will never be needing any celebrity in your videos.

  • Story

Several times we forget a conversation but one thing that we always remember is the story. Since stories are catchy, inspiring hence they are actually shareable. You should create a video with which people can connect and if your videos are inspiring then you will get massive shares and thumbs up.

4. Link YouTube Channel With Adsence Account

By now you have completed most of your task. The next task is to link your YouTube channel with your Adsence account.

  • Firstly login to www.youtube.com.
  • Then click on My Channel.
  • Now click on video manager option right below the search option as shown in the figure.

youtube video manager

  • Now the navigation menu will appear on the left hand side of your screen. There you will find “Channel” option, click on it as shown in the figure.

youtube link with adsence

  • Then click on the monetization button and then click on the Enable button as shown in the figure.youtube monitize enable
  • Now a window will open up on your screen, click on the start button as shown in the figure.monetization
  • Carefully read all the terms and conditions after you have clicked on the enable button. Then click on the I agree button as shown in the figure.

apply for monetization

  • In next step click on the monetization option which will appear on the right side of your window under monetization heading. Then click “how will I be payed?”and then “associate an Adsence account”.

associate adsence account

  • Next step would be to click on the next button.
  • Then just simply sign in with your Gmail id or you can even create your own account.
  • Now fill all your required information then click on Continue.
  • Fill all the detailed information asked in the box and then click on Submit button.
  • Now you will be asked to verify your mobile number.
  • Finally your Adsence account opening or linking with YouTube has been set up.

5. Create Videos Using Best Tools

Initially when you start making videos you can even make videos using your smartphones. In initial days, it is the best option as you have just your savings. You can record good quality videos with your smartphone. But if you wish to record high quality video then my advice for you is to buy a webcam.

After sometime, when you start earning good from your YouTube channel, buy a professional camera. For adding effects and animations there are various video making software available such as Windows Movie Makes, Final Cut Pro,etc.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a tool which tells you about what is the traffic for a particular keyword. It also tells you about what is the CPC for a particular keyword. So before making any video you must do some research.

Text to Speech App

Several times in order to engage your audience in your video it is not just sufficient to record audios. In such case use text to speech app that will create subtitle for your video. There will be certain errors while extracting subtitles from audio but at the end it will serve most of your purpose. Lastly you will just have to edit the subtitle and rest all your work will be done.


When you start recording then you actually have to speak a lot and when you make one small mistake then have to record entire lines again. Similarly if you publish video without editing then it sends wrong impression on your clients. Now if you will use evernote then you can note down all the main points and then speak them again. Evernote can be easily accessible in the devices without internet connection.

Picture Editing Tools

Well, in every YouTube video you will find a number of pictures. Now some of these pictures cannot be perfect but if you will use some picture editing tools then you will be able to get perfect pictures.

Tube Buddy

These days you can easily add cards on your videos through browser based tools. One of the most important feature of the tool that attracts me towards this app is its search function. With this tool you can easily add and replace any particular phrase on word processor.

Social Media Campaigns

One you have published your video then your next step will be to to promote your video on different social media channels. You can use different platforms like Buffer which you can use for social sharing and scheduling.

6. Promoting Your YouTube Channel

If you wish too earn money from YouTube Channel then your work doesn’t end at creating videos. But actually your work begins from here. One of the most important task is to promote your channel and content. When you start expending your work, it reaches more people which in turn increase tariff on your channel.

Time Expansion

You can use as much video platforms as you want. You easily find your audience on Flicker, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. By using such platforms to promote your channel you can earn  hefty amount of money from YouTube. This will also improve the popularity of your channel. All you need to do is just drop the video link in these websites.


It is very important to focus on the SEO of your video if you wish to earn money online from YouTube channel. As if you focus on the SEO strategies then it will actually you will get listed on top of every search related to your niche. Although now a days different people have different opinion about SEO.

Social Appearance

Make your social appearance and let people know what you are doing on internet. Increase your social presence and explore your social idea globally on social media. Also expand your presence in different platforms like Google+, Quora, Myspace and Reddit.

 Paid Advertisement

You can also go for paid promotion system on Facebook, Twitter etc in order to promote advertising on different social media. You may even go for the paid promotion of your YouTube channel called YouTube Ad Campaign and in return you can make money from YouTube.

7. Monetizing YouTube Videos

One of the basic way to earn money online from YouTube is via advertising. Advertising is playing one of the major role for YouTubers for making money. But earning money on YouTube is not just limited to CPM as there are 5 other ways to earn money online from YouTube:


YouTube ad revenue model is the highest opted method in order to earn money online from YouTube. For this you just need to link your channel with the Adsense account. With this linking you will receive 50% of the ad revenues on every view on your channel.

Affiliate Marketing

You can provide reviews of different products and provide their purchase link with your video. Now if your audience by any product from your link then you will earn commission through that purchase. Try affiliate marketing to make money from YouTube.

Direct Promotion

Direct promotion is one of the way of direct promotion. Well, the advertising companies pay you a fixed amount of collaboration with your YouTube channel. You may even call direct promotion which is another form of affiliate marketing. The only difference between them is that in direct promotion you will show description of their products in your video.

Paid Videos

Paid videos have actually emerged out as a unique and high gross source of income. As here you will charge fees from your audience in exchange of highly valuable information. If you go for this option then you will never have to share your earning with anyone.


Just like Wikipedia, there are several non-profit online sites which provides you all the information for free. If you would have noticed then there are no ads in Wikipedia pages. But as we know that for running any business one needs money. So here Wikipedia ask its audience to donate money for meeting all of their expenses. Similar model you can even adopt and ask your audience to donate money.