tez digital payment app

Today Google launched its India’s first digital payment app named Tez. With this app, you can easily send or receive money. Google Tez app has been designed to support all types of android, iOS and windows operating system. The name of the app itself suggests that the payment made with Tez will be super fast.

Furthermore, interface used in this digital payment app is NPCI’s (National Payments Corporation of India) Unified Payments Interface (UPI). In addition to this, the application supports multiple languages. Now it is clearly visible that Google being the world’s biggest search engine is now expanding and even getting into payment system. Make payments of electricity bills, water bills, buy movie ticket, recharge your phone and what not with Google Tez app.

However other online leading companies like Amazon, Snapdeal, Whatsapp and Facebook are even trying hard to enter into India’s digital payment system. Nine months back Google’s chief executive officer Sundar Pichai told in an interview that he was looking at the Unified Payment Interface and the ways through which it can be adopted. Today Google finally launched its first digital payment app. Lets check out how it works and also what are the key features of the app launched by Google.

Key Features of Tez App:

  1. Easy and quick transfer of money into your bank account.
  2. Transactions made by Google Tez app are highly secured due to its multi layered security and 24*7 protection by Tez Shield.
  3. With the use of Tez Cash Mode you can transfer money to anyone’s account without disclosing your personal details like bank account number or phone number.
  4. You can even make payment via your debit card or credit card.
  5. Set reminder for recurring monthly bills like electricity bills, DTH bills, phone bill etc.
  6. Pay your friends and family money from anywhere using the UPI feature of the app.
  7. Make use of Tez Scratch card in the app which will make you eligible for upto Rs 1,000 on each eligible transactions made.

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How Google Tez Digital Payment App Works?

Here is a step by step guide through which you will be able to run Google Tez on your devices:

  1. First of all you will have to download Google Tez app on your device. You can either download the app from Google Playstore or can even download the apk of the app.
  2. Once downloading and installation process ends then your next step would be to select your preferred language.
  3. In next step you will be asked to enter your mobile address. Here make sure that you enter the mobile number which is linked with your bank account number.
  4. Furthermore, you will be asked to provide your Email ID for your Google profile. Once all this is done then click on the Continue button.
  5. You will receive OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter OTP in the desired field and then click on continue button.
  6. Once your verification is done. Then Google will ask you to create your secret pin using your app lock. All this is done in order to protect your device from unauthorized access.
  7. Next step would be to provide your bank account details for that you will have to click on Add Bank Account. In addition to this, you will be asked for your ATM pin and expiry date of your pin and will verify your account details with your bank.

So that’s all you are ready to use Tez digital payment app designed by Google for easy and quick transfer of money and payment of bills.