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Are you aware that there are many goods and services on which free insurance cover is provided? Well, yes, one of my friend met with an accident at home. The reason was the blasting of LPG cylinder. He along with one more family member was hospitalized. Unfortunately, he has not any medical insurance. But he was aware of the free insurance cover facility available with LPG Gas cylinder. So he file for the claim and get the claim amount to settle his and his family medical bills.

Now the question is what if he didn’t know about the free insurance cover? Well, in this case he has to bear all the medical expenses from his pocket. But there are lots of people who didn’t know about such free insurance facilities. So, today in this article I am going to discuss with you free insurance cover that you may not be aware of or have missed them.

Free Insurance Cover You May Not Be Aware

1. Debit Card Free Insurance Cover

Insurance Cover upto 10 lakh

Do you know that if you have ATM card, you also have free accidental insurance? Well, yes all the public and private sector banks provides free accidental insurance on ATM card. However the insurance cover amount varies from bank to bank. The accidental coverage ranges from 50,000 to 10 lakhs. But to avail these benefits your account needs to be active. However, there are also many banks that provide medical insurance along with hospitalization benefits.

2. Bank Deposit Free Insurance Cover

Coverage of upto 1 Lakh

Do you know that your bank deposits are insured upto 1 lakh against any default by the bank. It is applicable on all deposits such as savings, fixed, current and recurring. The cover is offered by Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC) which is a subsidiary of RBI.

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3. LPG Gas Cylinder Free Insurance Cover

Provides Coverage up to 40 lakh

Every registered LPG Gas cylinder holder is automatically enrolled in accidental policy that provides coverage of upto Rs. 40 lakh. This also includes the medical expenses cover upto Rs. 30 lakh and property coverage upto 2 lakh. So, in case if any mishappening happens with you, just give it in writing to the distributor and you will get the claim.

4. IRCTC Free Insurance Cover

Coverage of up to 10 lakh

Do you know that if you buy railway ticket online in India, IRCTC offers accidental insurance upto 10 lakh. However, this accidental insurance is applicable in case of confirm ticket only. It also covers the disability benefits.

5. Damage to Mobile Phone

It is an insurance cover that is taken up by the retailers under group cover. This type of cover is variable. It provides coverage against the loss of mobile and physical damage.

6. Air Travel Free Insurance Cover

Along with the flight ticket, airline companies offers bundles of accidental insurance. Here also the insurance amount is variable and depends upon the airline company.

7. Company Deposit Free Insurance

If you invest in company deposit, it is mandatory to buy insurance cover of upto Rs. 20,000.

So, I hope from the next time you won’t miss out any opportunity of getting free insurance cover.