unsafe cars insurance

Before going for the purchase of a car, every individual do a proper research. He or she looks into various features of the car and then finalize their purchase. It is also important that they do have the knowledge of good and bad cars. It is always good to know the risk associated with driving. However it is best if you know how eliminate that risk.

It is also a hard true fact that you cannot eliminate the risk completely. However you can minimize it. Today in this article I am going to share with you the list of unsafe cars that you should avoid buying. And if you are driving these unsafe cars, then make sure that you take unsafe cars insurance now before it gets too late.

Daily we heard new in television or read in newspaper about various car accidents. There are many reasons behind these accidents. But the most prominent reason is the condition of roads in India. Whenever one leave his home on a car, he not only drive but also pray that he reach to his home safely at night.

According to latest reports of New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), Tata Nano, Alto 800, Maruti Swift, and Hyundai i10, Datsun Go failed NCAP’s test. It is an organization that tests car on the basis of safety. These are declared very risky and if met with an accident, there is high risk of life threatening and injuries.

While testing, the organization crashed these cars and rated the cars on the basis of the damage that occurs in them. So, if you have any of these cars, take motor insurance policy that not only covers your vehicle but also provide personal accident coverage. This will help you in hedging the risk.

Whether you believe it or not, taking a car insurance policy keeps your mind in peace on account of third party liability. Now the question arises, how much coverage is enough? or which type of security one need to buy?

In the article below I have discussed all the queries related to unsafe cars insurance –

How much Coverage a Car Insurance policy offers?

A motor insurance plan offers the protection coverage against the loss or damage caused due to man made or some natural calamity. Important points under car insurance plan are as follows –

1. Personal Accident Insurance

Your car policy should be like that, that it offers personal protection in case of any accident while driving. For example – bears hospital expense for the treatment.

2. Third Party Insurance

A third part insurance provides in those cases when your vehicle is involved in accident which results in damage or injury to third person or his vehicle. The insurer bears this expense if you have opt for third party insurance.

3. Damage to own Car

While take car insurance plan, it is also important that you make sure that it covers the expenses that incurs due to any damage or loss to your car. It should cover expenses such as servicing and repairing of parts.

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Which type of car insurance policy you should buy?

While taking unsafe cars insurance, there are two types insurance plan available – Third Party Insurance and Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

Third Party Insurance offers coverage when your vehicle is involved in an accident and has resulted in damage to third party vehicle.

On the other hand, comprehensive car insurance policy provides protections against dozens unfortunate events. For example – it not only provide personal accident cover but also cover the damage caused to your vehicle.

India is third largest Car market in the world. Plus here the people are more expose to the risk of car accident due to miserable condition of roads. So it is advisable to take a comprehensive motor insurance policy.