file small car insurance claims

Today, the individuals become quite conscious about security whether it is about job, health or family. Nowadays, the car has become a necessity. There is more than 30 to 40 percent population who have their own personal car. If one has car then how one can ignore the need of having car insurance. For the safety of you and your family, it is very important. In addition to this, according to Indian Motor Vehicle Act 1961, at least the third party insurance coverage is mandatory.

Well, we all know that future is uncertain, so it better to prepare rather than regret. Go for insurance to protect your property or possession in case of any unfortunate future happenings or events. Plus the motor insurance is very important and is mandatory under law in India.

This article consist of car insurance claims queries  that a potential policy holder should answer truthfully. However, before that we have come up with some tips that enable the car insurance policy holder to get the claim easily.

  1. File your car claim as soon as possible and do not forget to see the last date for claiming the insurance.
  2. Do not try to overestimate the value of your claim.
  3. To prove your claim, take proper photos as well as videos of your damaged car.
  4. Do not try to manipulate with the facts. State the facts truthfully. It will help you in getting the claim early as well as smoothly.
  5. The most important thing, keep all the information related to claim documented and all the letters safe.

Well while taking car insurance claims, walk on the path of Mahatma Gandhi – Never speak lie and always state the true facts. If you try to manipulate the facts in order to get more claim then it could lead you into problems.

5 Car Insurance Claims Queries that needs your honest reply

Question 1:  Where you have parked the car when damage was done?

Answer 1: If an insurance company asks where you park the car say in case of your car get stolen. Then state the facts clearly. Suppose you have parked the car in your street and you are saying to car insurance company agent that you have parked the car in your garage. Then this lie will result in taking you far way from your claim. Do not forget insurance company is not a fool, it investigates everything. If you lie, just forget about the claim or money.

Question 2: Do you use your personal car for commercial use?

Answer 2: If the insurance agent asks whether you use car for personal or commercial use, give the details correctly. If you have commercial use of your car such use your car for delivery purpose or use it as a taxi then also give this information to the insurer.

Question 3: Who was driving car?

Answer 3: You will get claim only if the person driving the car was of legal age and have a driving license. If you lie, then it will result in cancelling your claim plus insurer can also take legal action against you.

Question 4: Do you want to take the claim for stolen car?

Answer 4: Never ever dare to fake the theft of your car. Before providing claim, a proper investigation is made. If insurance company finds out your lie, then it has the right to take the legal action against you.

Question 5: What is the valuation of your car?

Answer 5: This question is asked mandatory in case of car accident. Well while answering this question, remember that external accessories in the car are not covered by insurance company. So if you have even a single thought in one of the corner of your brain to lie about the exact value, then think again. If insurer caught your lie, it can reject your claim and even take legal action against you.

Always Remember! Never lie to your doctor, lawyer and insurance company. Also remember, insurance company has the right to cancel your claim and even take legal action against you in case of presenting manipulative and untruthful facts. In worse, it can either raise your premium or can cancel the car insurance policy. So, it is important to follow ‘honesty policy’ while answering car insurance claims queries.