book cheap flight tickets

There are lots of people who are passionate about exploring new destinations and places. But for living that passion, you need money. The major thing that can help you in saving some of your money while living your passion is cutting off your flight expenses. In the past years, the airfare has rise significantly high. The major reasons behind the increase in prices are GST (Goods and Services Tax), increase in fuel prices, etc. What if you are a frequent traveler, you cannot wait for festive season or season sale in order to buy cheap flight tickets.

But are you aware that there are tricks that can land you with cheap flight tickets in your hand. Yes, now you need not wait for some special occasion to book your flight ticket, there are various discount schemes that are available throughout the year. All you need to do is just follow the simple tips and tricks that are given below to book cheap flight tickets.

Tricks To Book Cheap Flight Tickets in India

Trick 1 – Use Flight Comparison Websites

Do not book flight tickets blindly. Before booking, make sure that you compare various flights expenses with the help of comparison websites. There are websites like  Skyscanner, Kayak and Momondo  which provides the detail information about all the flights along withe the fare charges. Try to avoid selecting a specific date, instead select the entire month in order to know the cheapest time to fly.

Trick 2 – Use Debit and Credit Cards with offers

I personally has used this trick and has earned amazing discount on the flight ticket. People often use coupons and codes and ignore this tip. But do you know that there are various special offers.

For example if you have Axis Bank Card, then search for ‘Axis Bank offers Flight Tickets’ on Google. You will see various websites appearing on the page with coupons and codes through which you can get additional discount on flight tickets.

So just search your bank name with offer flight codes and get amazing discount on your flight ticket.

Trick 3 – Book Tickets early

Well, this trick might sound vague and funny but it works very well. So plan your travel in advance and book your flight ticket at that time only. You will find that you got the ticket at a very cheap rate.

Trick 4 – Go for Different Airlines

There is hardly anyone who if goes somewhere, book the return ticket in advance. There is also a general perception that returning ticket are cheaper as compared to going tickets. Well, reality is different. Instead of booking the returning ticket with the same airline company, make extra efforts to book the ticket with the other airline company. You never knew you get some discounted deals.

Trick 5 – Use Wallets to Book Tickets

There are e- wallets available such as goibibo, makemytrip and yatra which runs on the concept of virtual wallets.  The e-wallet of goibibo is goCash, Yatra’s wallet is eCash and Makemytrip wallet is known as Wallet money. Compare these wallets and choose one where you get maximum cashback. In addition to this, you can also use these wallets to book hotel tickets and discounted price.

Trick 6 – Take Flights at Odd hours

Flight that runs at night offers huge discount in airfare. If you have no problem in travelling at night, then you can avail the benefit of low price. Well if you are going for a meeting or with your family, this trick might not work. But people who go solo and can travel anytime can fix this option.

I along with my two friends traveled from New Delhi to Jaipur at the time of night. The cost per person of the flight was Rs 1,256. The simple reason of low prices is that people don’t like to reach their destination at 12 or 1 am in the night.

Trick 7 – Use Various Mobile Apps for Booking Purpose

Another trick to book cheap flight tickets is the use of mobile apps for booking. If you are booking the tickets from the desktop websites, you can miss some amazing offers. As these apps provide significant discounts if you book from their mobile apps. For example instead of booking ticket on desktop website of, install Makemytrip app and get discount upto Rs 1,000.

Trick 8 – Book from official airline websites

Well, if you are not getting any discount on wallets and e wallets such as Makemytrip, Paytm, Freecharge, etc, then book the airline ticket from the official website of the airline company.

All these wallets are the intermediaries whom airline company pay a sum as commission. So if you book the tickets directly from the official website of the airline, the airfare prices will be significantly cheaper.

Trick 9 – Use Incognito Mode

Do you know airline companies change the prices of the tickets as per the demand and supply. If you research about a flight for  a longer time, the airline companies raise the fare. Because if you spend more than 20 minutes of your time in researching a particular flight, they will see that chances of buying the tickets are very high.

Trick 10 – Use Student or Senior Citizen Discount

Some airlines allows the students and senior citizens discount on base fare. The discount range from 8 to 10%. But make sure that you read all the terms and conditions carefully.