What is PayTm Digital Gold?

What is Digital Gold?

Digital Gold is a way in which gold can be hold in digital form. Furthermore digital gold is allows its buyers to buy gold on just single click. Now in India digital gold can be purchased from your Paytm account. So Paytm Digital Gold is a platform from where you can buy digital gold in India.

Since Indian women simply love gold. However it is one of the most precious, auspicious purchase for special occasions like marriage, diwali etc. Women’s in India buy gold and include it as their part of investment. Since the price of gold keeps on increasing and their are several usage of gold.

Certain problems that buyer faces while buying gold in the traditional form:

  1. Biggest problem is that getting right price. If you would have visited jeweler’s nearby you would have noticed the fluctuation in price of gold in different shops. If the current price of gold is 2,780 per gram. Now if you will visit 2 or 3 jeweler’s then you will see that price that your local jeweler’s will offer you will vary from 2,800 per gram to 3,200 per gram.
  2. Problems with storing the gold. Several people keep gold at their house while other keep it in bank. Keeping your gold safe from theft becomes another headache for the buyer.
  3. It is very important to buy gold from a reliable buyer who can offer you pure gold. Since several jeweler’s mix different other elements in the gold. Because of which with time the gold color turns black.

All these problems will be solved if you will buy Digital Gold. As from here you will receive 100% pure gold at right price.

What is Paytm Digital Gold?

Paytm Digital Gold is an online platform from where buyers can buy 24 carat pure gold. Recently Paytm signed partnership with an international – accredited refinery MMTC PAMP. The main motive behind this partnership is it provide an online platform where buying of gold can be done.

Paytm Digital Gold platform provides basically two options to its buyers. In first option, the buyer can buy the gold and store it in there online account. While second option is that people can buy it as for delivery of gold at their house. The gold will be delivered in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 g coins.

You can use your digital gold as a type of investment by trading on gold. Like you can buy digital gold from Paytm and then can later sell it. Since the price of gold keeps on fluctuating so one can enjoy the profit on this fluctuation. For example, you can buy gold when the price of gold is 2,600 per gram and then can sell it when the price of gold is at high. You can simply enjoy benefit on your investment.

How to Buy Digital Gold from Paytm?

Buying digital gold from Paytm is very easy. As you can buy gold from the Paytm official website or Paytm app.

Buying Paytm Digital Gold via Paytm Website-

  1. Simple open www.paytm.com.
  2. Then tap on the “Gold” option.
  3. Now select the option like buy gold in rupees or buy in gram. Click on the desired option.
  4. Then simply type your name and your address along with the pincode.
  5. Then you can proceed ahead for payment.

Buying Paytm Digital Gold via Paytm app-

  1. Firstly you need to download and install Paytm app.
  2. There you will find “digital gold” option click on it.
  3. Then click on the buy option. Select on option whether you wanna buy gold in rupees or in grams.
  4. Now provide delivery address along with pincode.
  5. Lastly proceed ahead for payment.

How to Sell Paytm Digital Gold?

If someone wants to sell his/her digital gold then he can do it buy simply following few steps. The seller will have to offer gold in rupees or in gram in Paytm. The customer’s gold account holdings should be higher than or equal to the offer made by the seller.

In addition to this, the seller will even have to provide his/her bank account along with the IFSC code in order to enable the selling of digital gold. The seller will have to pay the convince fees. Once the seller will pay the fees then the amount will be credited to his account. Lastly the gold holding’s will be debited from your gold account after sale of the gold.

Details about Gold Accumulation Plan in Paytm?

The gold accumulation plan of Paytm is unique in its own sense. This plan lets you accumulate gold on your paytm gold account with the value of Re. 1. One can buy or sell gold in the fraction of 1 gram and more. Also buying and selling can be done on 365 days of the year via Paytm.

How to Withdraw Gold from Paytm?

Withdrawal of gold from paytm wallet can be done. With the term withdrawal of gold we mean conversion of digital gold into physical gold.  You can withdraw gold either in 1 gram or in multiples of 1 gram. The steps involved in withdrawal of gold from paytm is similar to the way you buy gold from your local jeweler.

  1. Firstly, you will have to apply for withdrawal of gold from your gold account.
  2. A wide range of gold designs are available you will have to select in which design you need your gold coin.
  3. Let me tell you that different coins designed offered on Paytm website will have different making charges depending upon the design and weight of coin.
  4. Next you will have to additional charges for delivery of gold.
  5. Lastly you will get gold on your doorstep and you will get a confirmation on your registered mobile number.