Government of India has explained that the provider fee is also optional. In case the clients aren’t satisfied with the service, then they could deny paying service fee .

From within a very long time period, hotel and restaurants owners have begun charging service tax as well as other taxation at the bill. However, we clients due to insufficient awareness cover the charges being a mandatory responsibility to people. The federal government of India announced that’service fee is’ discretionary’, if you’re unsatisfied with the assistance of the restaurants, you then may will not pay for them.

Government Notification to deny paying Service Charge in Restaurant

Government receives amount of complaints from clients that restaurant proprietors bill about 5 to 20 per cent of service taxation that they must pay for regardless of the standard of services offered by these.

Thus, if you’re unhappy using services, then deny paying agency charges at your restaurant. Service fee is discretionary and you also aren’t bound to pay for it.