jurisdictional assessing officer

Everyone has to face Income Tax related issues at least once in their lifetime. Who solve such issues? Well, there is Jurisdictional Assessing officer who is also known as Income tax assessing officer has the responsibility of solving all the Income tax related issues came from tax payers. But how will you know your Jurisdiction Income Tax?  This article will answer all your questions related to income tax assessing officer details as well as how you can contact Jurisdictional assessing officer.

Who is Jurisdictional Assessing Officer?

Well, Assessing officer is a person who has the authority to compute the taxable income of an taxpayer. Assessing Officer is an income tax officer who even demands books of account and other relevant information to compute your taxable income. The common terminologies used to define the jurisdictional assessing officer are Income-Tax Officer, Deputy Commissioner of Income-Tax, Additional Commissioner of  Income-Tax, Assistant Commissioner of Income-Tax or Joint Commissioner of Income-Tax.

Assessing officer is assigned with some of the geographical locations under his head. He even allots PAN card to the general public and issue refunds of the tax to the tax payers.

When Can You Contact the Assessing Officer?

If you are a taxpayer then you must have filed for income tax return. The IT department will either accept your issue or can either demand for a tax demand notice. In which you will have to give clarification of demand. Now, if you will agree to all the additional tax demanded then problem will be solved.

In addition to this, if you have some issues which cannot be solved or wish to communicate your clarification to the IT department. For such an incident you actually need to contact the Income tax assessing officer.

Whenever you will raise an issue then you will receive response of your issue within 30 days. However, several times it is also seen that people do not receive respond from the department or the response received is not satisfactory. In such a case you can approach the higher officials of the department like chief commissioner of income tax. You can also connect the assessing officer with the income tax helpline number.

Provide all the relevant documents related to your previous communication with assessing officer. Even if again you do not receive reply from the chief commissioner of income tax too within 30 days or the response is not satisfactory. Then you should approach the Income Tax Ombudsman of your area. There are different Income Tax Ombudsman offices in different regions. You can easily find out the list of Income tax ombudsman from here. If you were not even satisfied with the response of income tax ombudsman then you can escalate the matter to court.

How to Locate Jurisdictional Assessing Officer details?

Basically, there are two ways through which one can find jurisdictional assessing officer. One way to find AO is by logging into your account while other way is to find AO without login into your account. No matter which way you adopt but let me tell you that you will receive the area code, range code, AO type, AO number, Building Name, Email ID, Jurisdiction and Status.

Method I: How to find Jurisdictional Assessing Officer with login?

  1. You can visit the eFilling page and from there you can login into your account.
  2. Now your next step would be click on the Profile setting option. Then there you will find “My Profile” option.
  3. Here you will have to provide your PAN Card details and then you will find Income Tax Assessing Officer.
  4. Lastly you will find out the details of the Income Tax AO.

Method II: How to find Income Tax Assessing Officer without login?

  1. Firstly visit the eFilling portal home page. There you will have to click on the AO link of Know your PAN| TAN| AO option.
  2. Next step would be to provide your PAN number and then enter your registered mobile number lastly click on the “Submit” tab.
  3. Now you will receive PIN on your registered mobile number from IT department. You will have to enter the PIN and the desired place.
  4. Lastly you will find out the details of the Income Tax AO.