guide to claim car insurance

Normally a person claims for car insurance after car accident. Car accident usually occur when two vehicles collide with one another. This results in injury to the passenger, damage in the car or even leads to death. However accidents can occur due to different causes like may be via collision or non-collision. Whatever may be the reason behind accident but there is a process that you must follow before claiming insurance. So here is a guide to claim car insurance after car accident.

Motor accident can lead to mental stress and lead to financial trauma. You must never react right after the accident as this might lead to cancellation of claim. Also check out things you must avoid after car accident. Several time people fear that the affect of accident on their insurance and driving skills will be adverse. Avoiding getting such thoughts as this will just adverse the situation more.

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Before claiming insurance policy it is very important to follow some dos and don’ts. For this you need to have proper awareness about the concept. Here you will get complete step-by-step guide to claim car insurance after car accident.

Step By Step Guide To Claim Car Insurance After Car Accident:

  1. When you will ask for accidental claim then at that point of time you will be asked about every minute details. So you must have clearly observe and make points of every detail that took place at the time of accident.
  2. Collect eye-witness from the accident location. As these eye-witnesses work in your favor by throwing light on the main cause of the accident.
  3. You can even take pictures of the place where accident took place. As pictures will add weight to your claim and you will be able to prove your point with facts.
  4. If you have got injured in the accident then you must have documents to support your injury.
  5. After accident you should approach doctor and get his opinion about the injury.
  6. You can even collect the case number from the police officials if the case was registered.
  7. Make record of the expenditures incurred as a result of accident.
  8. You must claim for your insurance within an stipulated time. So even keep an eye on the time after the accident so that it does not become too late.

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